Additional morning and afternoon activities in casa



The children learn the basics of Ju-jitsu as well as important elements such as balance, co-ordination of movement and exercises design to improve their reflex. Mrs Agnieszka Chlipala presents these classes. She a former Olympic National Team member and currently a P.E. graduate, as well as an experienced coach in judo and Ju-jitsu.

Yoga for Children

Yoga develops many wonderful qualities in children. Beside the obvious benefits of exercising the physical body, Yoga sharpens the child’s ability to focus, give self-confidence, and develop self- discipline. Yoga, practices regularly, helps children become aware of themselves from the inside out. From this awareness, changes and growth in new positive directions can blossom.




Football classes will be run by Pan Sławek Włodarski who has been working as a football coach for the last 13 years. He teaches the children at Agrykola Warsaw Sport Club. Please provide your children with appropriate track suits/gym clothing.


Ms. Ludmiła Kuryluk-Pałasz will be conducting activities to help develop movement and co-ordination which include in particular:

  • movement games which serve to promote integration (both competitive and co-operative), which teaches the child conscious and intended movement, co-operation with a partner and expression of feelings (for example: elements of pantomime, also with the use of props),
  • use of methods of game pedagogy, relaxation and movement development techniques (according to the Weronika Sherborne method)
  • creative movement
  • games with animation-cloth (parachute cloth)
  • group dances (animation) to folk songs of different nations,
  • voice games
  • recital and role-playing with short texts, including the use of puppets,
  • singing of songs with guitar accompaniment, along with simple illustration by movement.

Ms. Ludmiła Kuryluk-Pałasz  has been working as a drama pre-school teacher for the last five years. She has been constantly studying children in terms of development of artistic skills. She is a very talented person who can play both the guitar and piano.



Music lessons

Pani Marta Gnoińska will be conducting music lessons, with special attention to rhythmic development. Activities will include:

  • understanding rhythm, tempo and dynamics,
  • dance elements, including the bowing step (“Polonez”), “Krakowiak” dance and Silesian Folk dance,
  • song, including rhythmic dancing songs in Polish and English,
  • percussion accompaniment to songs such as “The Entertainer”, “Ballade”, “Teddy Bear”, and “The Pink Panther Theme”,
  • Delcrose’s Rhythmics, performance of rhythmic values of notes and basic understanding of bars in music, rhythmic clock technique,
  • the children will be listening to and becoming familiar with the music of a different classical composer every month.

The music lessons are taught by Ms. Marta Gnoińska, a professional pianist and music teacher, who has completed the Krakow Music Academy, where she studied with Krzysztof Penderecki. She studied song, choreography and Polish national and regional dances. For many years, Ms. Gnoińska conducted a cultural community centre in Krakow, where she composed operettas for children. During the last years, she has conducted experimental theatre in France. After having returned to Poland, she now teaches song, rhythmics and piano.

Arts and Crafts

Mrs. Ula Ścibor-Rylska will be conducting arts and crafts activities. These activities will involve in particular:

  • expression of thoughts through shapes and colours,
  • development of observation and memory,
  • development of a sense of beauty and of creative imagination,
  • learning different art. techniques,
  • painting poster paints, watercolours, tempera,
  • drawing pencil, charcoal,
  • Graphics ink, monotype,
  • Sculpture plastecine, salt-dough,
  • three-dimensional forms – mobile, models, cut-outs, tear-outs,
  • differentiating between objects of a spherical, square, rectangular, triangular shape,
  • working with individual drawing schemes of a human, animals, buildings, means of transportation, trees, fruit, etc.

Ms. Ula Ścibor-Rylska completed university studies in Pedagogy, specialising in art and has been teaching children art for over 20 years. She conducts art lessons in groups in cultural art centres throughout Warsaw.




These classes will be designed to introduce the children to the basics of the French language such as:

  • introductions and requests,
  • everyday vocabulary including colours, objects in the classroom and the home and animals,
  • traditional French songs and rhymes.


Mrs. Lidia Anczykowska will be conducting ballet classes. These activities will include in particular:

  • exercises intended to develop general dance sensibility,
  • exercises to correct posture,
  • exercise to improve flexibility,
  • work on co-ordination and grace of movement,
  • introduction to the basics of ballet.

Mrs. Lidia Anczykowska is a certified ballet teacher, possessing a master’s degree in ballet pedagogy, a dance teacher in the National School of Ballet in Warsaw, a lecturer at the F.Chopin Academy of Music, a co-author of educational programs for ballet schools, an educational consultant in ballet schools and the Ministry of Education, a laureate of numerous awards and regular jury member in prestigious ballet contests. 

Mrs. Anczykowska’s ballet lessons will be conducted to the piano accompaniment of Mr. Andrzej Zagrodzki.

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